The NT Walking Group was founded around 1995 by members of the Torbay Centre of The National Trust. Our members participate in regular fortnightly walks on Wednesdays. Walks start at 10.30 am and after a walk of 4 – 5 miles  usually end with lunch at a country pub. We do country, moorland, and coastal walks anywhere in South Devon. We have no age limits but it  is fair to say that most of our members are retired and reasonably fit. Our group mainly consists of, though not restricted to, present or past members of the Torbay branch of the National Trust and their friends and relatives. New members are always welcomed.

Members of the group can view descriptions and photographs of our latest walk together with links to previous walks since 2005  on our “Walk Reports” page.  Check out our “Contact Us” page if you are interested in joining us. Find out more about the Torbay Centre for the National Trust.
Please note this is a personal website created for, and maintained by,, members of the NT Walking Group. It has no official connection with the National Trust.