All walk reports

On this page you can view Walk Reports dating back to 2005.

Important note:- many of the Walk Reports will have links to early slideshows and photo galleries which were hosted on Picasweb and are no longer available. Some links will access other storage websites e.g. Google Photos which may not work properly for you, so sorry about that

Also note that since we stopped paying for the website during the 2020/21 Lockdown we are now using the free version of WordPress which restricts us to a limit of 3GB media storage. In order to keep within this limit I have deleted all photos which were poster earlier than January 2018. This means that reports of walks in 2007 and earlier will have lots of empty spaces but the descriptions and any links to externally hosted photos and videos should still work.

Many of the Walk Reports contain videos which will include background music. Should you have problems watching any of these videos please let me know so I can try to correct them.