Changes to website:- message from Tony

As many of you will remember, in pre-lockdown days I would send everyone an email to announce that a description and photographs of the latest walk had been posted on the website.
I have not done that since Val restarted the walking group in August.

I intend to restart that practice but will restrict circulation of the emails to include only those of you who say they wish to receive them. This will thus exclude anyone else from receiving messages every fortnight. They can of course continue to see how the present membership are enjoying their walks by looking at this website at any time.

To ensure you receive these regular updates please sent me an email at to say you want to be put on my list.
If you don’t want to be put-on my list just ignore this message and I will ensure you are removed from the list.

This new “subscribers List” will not affect any emails to be sent by Val the Coordinator.