2009 09 30 – Stokeinteignhead

– Led by Graham & Jo

Click here to view Tony’s photos for this walk, or  watch the video

Fifteen walkers arrived at Stokeinteignhead on a warm windless day for the start of this walk. Graham explained to the assembled company the true derivation of the name of the village, informing us that the name had nothing at all to do with
any river, Teign or otherwise.  According to the Domesday Book the district contained thirteen manors which totalled an
area of ten hides and the whole area was known as the “Ten Hide”.

We then followed what Graham described as a “difficult” 5 mile walk out of the village onto the coastal path at Labrador Bay and into Shaldon, then via Ringmore back to the start where we had a most convivial lunch at the Church House Inn.

Along the way Graham managed to lose most of his troops when having marched them up to the top of a hill they stopped
for a rest and a blackberry snack while Graham continued to march on to the bottom of the hill. None of the snackers noticed which direction their leader had taken so took the opportunity to emulate lost sheep whilst trying to work out how to operate their mobile phones. A somewhat embarrased Graham had to reverse his tracks and march back to the top of the hill so he could march his wayward troops down to the bottom of the hill.

All agreed that Graham is now the odds on favourite for the annual “Ernie Award”